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, this is "democracy now!" >> in egypt, the united states followed standard operating procedure. standard procedure when one of your favorite dictators gets into trouble. first, the support him as long as possible. but if it becomes really impossible, say the army turns against him, then you send him out to pasture and get the intellectual quest to issue declarations about your love of democracy, then try to restore the bill system as much as possible. >> "who owns the world?" with the presidential election less than two away, we turn to a major new address by noam chomsky on pressing topics not addressed in the president to campaign -- climate change, latin america's break with the united states, the arab spring, and the danger nuclear-weapons already pose in the middle east. >> israel refuses to allow inspections at all, refuses to join the non-proliferation treaty, has hundreds of nuclear weapons, advanced delivery system, and a long record of violence and repression. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are
had. france looks a lot more like the united states, frankly. the western hat name in the last decade is also true you do see it. i haven't done this kind of analysis because as data aren't available to me for other countries. but all the normal indicators of how well those economies are performing say that they've been underperforming in much the same way the united states has been underperforming for the last decade, which it can lends credence to the notion that the this is about is globalization and information technology in the ship and the relative value of intangible assets is tangible assets. >> isn't the real point of difference in the health care you are making quick >> there is a big difference in health care. you're right. [inaudible] >> mind this kind of two-pronged two-pronged -- [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> well, on the question of women's earnings, yes, the fact that women are the primary caretakers of children in society as compared to their husbands and a lot of women with children don't have husbands, is certainly a factor. and i felt the biggest factor he
to the united states and coming into contact with the united states so consequently my puerto rican friends, and some of my irish friends, although they were more circumspect, what are you doing writing about the irish? i'm writing about the united states. the irish are more interesting. they had to put up with colonialism, just as puerto rico is a colony of the united states. i also respect the fact that they have a facility with language, which i also enjoy. consequently, i wondered why this attraction to the irish. in 2004, the university of puerto rico asked me to come there and lecture and read. i immediately called my favorite cousin, and she said, what are you doing here? i told her and i said, please come to the reading, i have a book for you. she came. she said my son is getting married tomorrow at the caribbean hilton, could you please come? and i went. i hadn't seen her in 30 years. we were kids together. and after the wedding, there was a reception and she introduced me to her daughters, very beautiful girls, then i met the last one, very beautiful, green eyes, and she said, i w
have it tammy baldwin running for the united states senate here and wisconsin. i believe she is also what we call the house of representatives, did she give up her thing and there as the house of representatives when she ran? i am not sure. but i want to say, i am really -- you talk about medicare. when they took away $716 billion of medicare, that scares me. also, how can you broach or stand up for, i am sorry, but our president. and in benghazi, when that whole group allied for weeks on what happened. -- when the whole group lied. when the new two hours later the truth. i am sorry for you, sir. and you talk about spending money, about a recall, $13 million before the recall. ridiculous. thank you. guest: there's a lot going on and that col. let us see what i can do to address it. tammy baldwin is representing the district since 1998. she did give up her seat to run for the united states senate. the democrat is one to the next member of congress. and reference to the $716 billion, that was money that was allocated to actually defray costs and make medicare solvent for a little longe
daschle, know what i respected more at all the years -- all the years i worked in the united states senate, and tim, your courage, you have such incredible courage and character. [applause] stephanie, thank you for helping hunter get through georgetown. [laughter] you really screwed him up. he went to yale. it bothered me a lot. hildi -- it is good to see you, old buddy. you are still punching. thank you for the help. 1980 was a tough year. a real tough year. in 1980, we lost gaylord nelson, we lost george mcgovern, we lost the heart, soul, and spine of the united states senate i have joined. the speech you heard george giving, i remember like you do, but maybe from a different perspective. i was a 29-year-old kid. i was a senate nominee from the state of delaware. at my first convention. sitting there, mesmerized by the man who was speaking. much too late in the night, but speaking. i ran with your father in 1972. when i was elected -- i was not old enough to serve. i got elected when i was 29. i had to wait to be eligible to be sworn in. i not only served with your father in the senate f
, they say potentially devastating the northeast united states. how bad will it actually be? we have the latest forecast. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we're now only eleven days -- we're now only eleven days from the president election, and nowhere is the campaign battle being waged more fiercely than in the battleground state of ohio. 18 electoral votes are at stake there. president obama took them in 2008. our brand new cnn/orc poll is just coming in and it shows president obama leading in ohio right now 50% to mitt romney's 46%. but that's within the sampling error. it's a statistical tie in other words. our chief national correspondent john king is joining us. john, break down the numbers for us. no state right now is more important than ohio. >> you can make that case. no state is more important than ohio. you mention it's within the margin of error but yet another poll showing the president with a small lead in ohio. he's had that pretty much across the general election season. what's driving it right now? in a battleground state like
question. a few days after our presidential election here in the united states, china will be transitioning to a new leadership. the new generation of leaders will guide china probably through the next decade. if given a second term to how does president obama see the opportunities in the transition? what measures with the president propose to take the new heads of state relationship? >> well, president obama reached out to hu jintao right after president obama was elected. and right after he took office. he's met with hu jintao more than any previous president had met with a counterpart. they have met something upwards of a dozen times. many phone calls. i'm sure that this pattern will continue with the next chinese leadership. the chinese haven't done us a favor yet of telling us who will be in the new leadership. that will be announced on november 8. i think we're all confident we know that the general secretary of the congress party will be xi jinping. will have a pretty good idea of at least four members of the politburo standing committee, and perhaps other members. i think, the impor
it in the united states. i keep ps of economic data about to, -- a key piece of economic data about to come out. >> gdp and payrolls. the figure of gdp, probably a continuing growth, around 1.8%. important to understand that these figures are annualize, so it shows what the growth would be over the whole year if growth continued at the rate it does during this quarter. it is expected to be about 1.8%. it is coming from good figures in retail and housing spending -- on houses. there is a bit of a bounce in the housing market. whether it can be maintained is a very different question. what people are thinking is that growth has gone up a little bit, but it is not going to go up much further. the chief economist at schroders -- is what he said about it. >> the areas of strength in the gdp report, probably in the consumer and housing side, areas close to the electorate. although the headline is not very good, the details might be a little bit better from a political perspective. >> what people are expecting next year, probably growth of about 2.2%, 2.3%. >> not bad for europe's point of view. [laug
on the macro level, much of it in the united states but also obviously global issues that are well known, that create an enormous amount of needed caution in the world. i'm not sure that's going to get resolved until we have significant resolution of where we are in the macro side. >> and of course the election is also a big uncertainty there. >> it certainly is. >> do things get unlocked after november 6th? what's your take on that? and also, well let's talk about the election. what kind of impact do you think after the election, things loosen up? >> i don't agree with the theory that says that its irrelevant who wins that it's just certainty. i don't think this has ever been about just certainty. it's about a set of policies either encourage or allow business growth or set of policies that tend to diminish the ability of our economy to grow to employ people. i think the election is as many people have said, a very sequential one in terms of impact on our business because we're trying to invest in companies where we believe we can generate better than gdp growth and look at the gdp base
in the united states. >> john mccain talks mitt romney momentum and blasts the white house on the benghazi attack. >> you can't assume anything about either a cover-up or colossal incompetence. >> also, obama's favorite debate sparring partner and the man who whipped obama into shape after the disastrous first debate. and battleground america. why women hold the key to this election. plus, when politics becomes personal. the always controversial gloria allred. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. our big story tonight, big changes. that's what mitt romney's promising, just 12 days to go before election day. listen to what he told the crowd a little while ago in perhaps the aptly named defiance, ohio. >> this is a time when america faces big challenges. we have a big election. and we want a president who will actually bring big changes and i will and he won't. >> the new cnn poll of polls has romney with a one point lead over the president. other polls have romney a
as far as the president of the united states with what they put out earlier today. there is a case called griswald vs. conn. this was 1965, when the supreme court said that there is a constitutional requirement, that prohibited the states from banning the sale of contraceptives. i accept that as constitutional, and we tell people to go something they can be constructive with. but this is constructive and a difference between us that is not manufactured. we have babies in america and iowa that are aborted because they are baby girls and the mother wants a baby girl -- a baby boy in said of a girl. this is -- the people of by what did not care about this. i think it matters to a low girls that are being aborted. >> do you believe in the right to privacy which was put forward with griswold vs. connecticut? >> this is an important question for people to know -- >> i accept the decision of griswald. >> i take that as a no. >> then you misunderstand it. >> do you support an amendment to the u.s. constitution, the person had amendment that was proposed in the state of mississippi and failed? >>
challenging to regulate in a world where virtually nothing stops at our fiscal borders of the united states. and it's so particularly to in financial markets where the velocity with which money and transaction pass around the world is quite extraordinary. and so we can't assume that we can do only what we think works in the u.s. markets, although clearly the u.s. markets are our primary concern and focus. the way we go through these issues that is, we have dodd-frank, let's start with g20. apogee 20 level there's broad agreement about what needs to be done with respect to the derivatives markets, and it's been reemphasized and we commit to by the g20, including the united states over and over again. it's the valley of clearing but it's the valley of transparency and trade reported that its the valley of collateralized in positions itself for the given ever high level of agreement and we worked after every country, individual regulatory regimes and legislative processes. one of the challenges is, frankly, the mismatch in time to dodd-frank was passed really before legislation anywhere else i
of the massacre that continues there and us, the united states of america, not even getting them arms and equipment with which to defend themselves. >> yeah. i totally agree with you. i think it's a shameful derel t dereliction of duty by many countries. finally, on benghazi, cnn has interviewed somebody who claims there was no original posting by the terror group on facebook or twitter which triggered the apparent e-mail which said there had been. are you comfortable having been one of the signatories to the letter based on these e-mails, are you comfortable that there was a posting? because this group has not denied it. without that original posting, then the e-mail at the center of your complaint becomes obsolete, doesn't it? >> well, i think you have to look at this in its entirety. no, i wouldn't base conclusions on one facebook but as you know, there was realtime depiction of what was happening, there were drones overhead later on that were depicting what was happening. it was very clear that there was no demonstration. look, there were warnings, there was an attack on the cons
's a united states of america. you don't deserve a bunch of name calling. you don't deserve a bunch of mud slinging. you don't deserve a bunch of internet rumors and scandal mongering. if you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale taxes to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. >> that was senator obama's message to voters before the 2008 election. but over the course of the past four years the either gone through a dramatic transformation or he wasn't telling us the truth while he was running for office. nowadays all he sees are red states and blue states. all we hear are distortions about romney's record. to be sure the president is doing plenty of name calling out there on the campaign trail. as a matter of fact during a recent interview with rolling stones magazine he called mitt romney a quote bser. only he said the actual word. here is reaction to the r rated president's brand new tone of desperati desperation. former new hampshire governor one man romney supporting recognizing crew john sinunu and b
the united states and israel trying to show to iran and anybody else that the united states and israel have the ability to do military maneuvers together. the whole thing about this israel and iran are already at war. they have been in a covert war for yea. attacks against iranian scientists, assassination atmpts. the iranians sent in assassination squad to washington to try to kill the israeli ambassador in washington the israelis september assassination squads all over the world. we have the cyber war. iranians attacking us. banking system and israelis presumably attacked the nuclear weapons program. melissa: the reason they think it is a israel testing the distance to see if they can do that kind of strike on iran. what do you think about that? >> i think is really good -- israeli haves a couple big problems with any kind of attack against iran. first it is a long ways away. it is 1,000 miles away. israel doesn't have the ability to get there to dr bombs and come back. they have to have a aerial aerial refueling. it is new technology but they can't do a lot of it. second thing there are
is from students. >> military engagement in afghanistan, what course should the united states pursued in this country specifically in the middle east generally? >>moderater: mr. howell, you are first. howell: listen, the middle east is such a powder keg over there. we have to move forward cautiously and with effectiveness. one thing i am telling you right now, i want us out of afghanistan tomorrow. we are not winning the war that no one will win. the british tried, the russians tried. we spend $300 million a day. we spend $80 billion on the infrastructure of afghanistan. ladies and gentlemen, we have to move cautiously, but we have to get out of there quickly and efficiently. we have to make sure that iran will never have a nuclear weapon. we can do that through sanctions , intelligence that we have back in our country. ladies and gentlemen, we must protect the assets of israel. they are a friend, and we must be able to be over there and make sure we are doing the right things for the right reasons. i am telling you right now there, we have had to unfunded worst which has led this cou
but the entire eastern seaboard of the united states has been put on alert. this mega storm combined with a second weather system coming from the west is expected to impact the entire east coast early next week with dangerous and destructive weather. sandy is blamed for 21 deaths in the caribbean, most of them in cuba and haiti. the storm has weakened somewhat. it's now a category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour. sandy is expected to grow in size as it moves north. tropical storm conditions are expected along the east coast of florida throughout the day. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: florida is feeling the effects of hurricane sandy. strong winds are whipping the surf into foam. the waves and heavy rain are flooding the streets near miami. the storm is still hundreds of miles away. sandy raged over the bahamas thursday after tearing through cuba and haiti as a category 2 hurricane. florida residents are not taking this storm in stride. >> as we're speaking i'm filling sand bags. >> reporter: the center of sandy is expected to pass just off of florid
will be on orbit by 2020 to cover the entire world. similarly to the gps system operated by the united states. china's alternative is called bedo. tests on it began last december. chinese officials say the positioning system will have a wide range of applications, and some analysts point out that china is developing it for both commercial and military purposes. >>> about 10,000 children are born in japan each year with congenital heart disorders. that's roughly one baby in 100. many of them can be cured through surgery, but lately some people are finding themselves with life-threatening conditions such as heart failure decades after undergoing surgery. nhk world's takafumi terui reports. >> reporter: this man from shizuoka city in central japan is 56 years old. he was born with a hole in his heart. the man had an operation when he was 11 years old. he'd been healthy for years afterward. but in may this year, an electrocardiogram during a rue heen health checkup revealed some irregularities. the man went to see a doctor. he learned that his heart had grown to 1 1/2 times its normal size and co
that was the day the i-phone went on sale in the united states. >>> some evidence -- more evidence that high tech jobs in silicon valley are expanding. many high tech companies are now looking at new office space in north san jose and santa claire a. the area still has potential for growth and lower rent than much of the rest of the valley. the paper said investors have bought up a lot of office buildings and the space could translate to 20,000 new tech jobs in the city. >>> you want to check for your polling place or track election night results? not surprisingly in silicon valley there is an app for that. there is a new app called scc vote. it can be down loaded on i- phone, i-pad or android. >>> the president is taking the day off -- the campaign trail today to rest a hoarse voice. joe biden spoke to a crowd in wisconsin this morning. >> hello -- great to be with you thank you. so many friends and names today. >> reporter: the vice president criticized romney's fiscal plan. he also cited a national survey that shows for the first time in more than five-years more americans are feeling better
, campaign-shaking announcement he had been promising. he offered the president of the united states a charity gift of $5 million if the president would release his college transcripts. i believe we have the footage of the announcement of trump making it... [laughter] yeah, oh, wait a second. you know what, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. that wasn't donald trump trying to publicly extort the president of the united states. that was a gorilla eating its own [bleeped]. my apologies. [cheering and applause] i don't know how that... that was weird. anyway, sarah palin chimed in, accused the president of "shucking and jiving." yeah, her words, "shucking and jiving" about libya. let's take a look at her statement. oh, wait. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. that's... huh. huh. i apologize. that was a hippo spraying its own [bleeped] through its tail. again, i... i don't know how i ended up confusing these images. look, let's face facts, we're tired as hell of covering all of these important electoral developments anyway. so tonight we thought we'd focus on a different, perhaps more interesting topic. to that e
the deficit, unlike governor romney's. >> please welcome the 44th 44th president of the united states, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> rape is rape. it is a crime. this is exactly why you don't want a bunch of politicians mostly male making decisions about women's health care decisions. >> good morning, tampa. we just came from iowa, nevada, colorado, we're going to virginia. you may notice that my voice sounds a little hoarse. you heard governor romney's sales pitch. no no, don't boo vote. >> virginia, i believe in you. i'm asking you to continue believing in me. if you're willing to roll up your sleeves with me, we'll win the commonwealths of virginia again, we'll win the election and finish what we started. >> he might win virginia and a lot of the swing states. he's got a really good chance of losing the popular vote. let me show you the combination of polls as they stand. 47.2% to 47.1%. doesn't get any closer than that. unless there is a change within the next 24 hours, 24 hours ago mitt romney was winning by 4.2%. when you look at the averages right now, president obama is pro
populated area of the united states, washington, dc, boston, that corridor. people are thinking it is no big deal. i say did my friends in manhattan, no big deal and you live on the 35th floor and you don't have power for five days? you will be in good shape at the end of five days. >>neil: and we are getting close to the election a week after next, if you are right and i don't is right and this is a doozy power could be out for a significant amount of time or through election day. how likely is that? what do you think officials do, and it is just a guess, do they extend voting hours? does this get to be a november 7th vote? >>guest: you may not have power, and, again, i focus on manhattan because that is where you are, but say that there is not power in manhattan on that day you can still hold elections you just have to do it the old fashioned way, maybe you citizen -- extend the voting areas for 24 hours. it is not just election boards but wall street, it is verizon, everyone, should be having the contingency plans in place, think about the worst case scenario, again, i'm not talking about
for president of the united states? >> go obama. >> yeah, i will take a pass on it. thank you very much for all of your attention, for making sure you asked the right question when you go home tonight. we appreciate that you take responsibility. you will be a great friend to your class mates and good family member and good citizen of san francisco. thank you very much. good job, you did great. >> great in your uniforms as well. >> we are uniforms as well. >> love the stars they are all wearing. >> for third grade, very attentive. thank you for letting us come into your class room. you can ask questions or continue with the story. whatever your teacher would like. >> ask questions if you'd like. this is an opportunity. >> how old are you? >> how old am i? can you guess? >> 95? [ laughter] >> can you not guess! [ laughter] >> only third grade. >> close, close. i'm 60. and she's 48. >> in between. [ laughter] >> i was -- so you will remember this, i was born in the year of the dragon. >> oh yeah! that is how i have fun when it comes to numbers and it comes to age. >> we all have different jobs. we
there is a considerable confusion in the united states government and using the role of the military with covert intelligence agencies and the u.s. aid the and confused intelligence agencies with the cia with the military. >> the confusion in this instance is the white house with the president pro all the reasons why we've heard of military force could not be sent, we need permission. how was that? the cia denied request. if the president has an inclination not to use force bureaucrats can follow that. that is the direction. not from leon panetta but from the president. that is what people need to go after. >> exactly. the president hangs around in this country with people who hate the military, war and defending america up. he wants to go to jon stewart, las vegas, i get himself flattered with young people while soldiers and ambassadors are killed overseas. he is a despicable man in terms of being commander in chief. lou: thank you. more on the worsening scandal. with the "a team" next. 11 days. polls and polls. what happens if neither candidate may -- -- breaches the number of 270? the top st
for the united states. >> the president voted in chicago a solid blue state of illinois whose 20 votes he will surely win. which is why he except the rest of today campaigning in the toss up states where tonight he said this. >> i don't know how a guy sits on a stage and you are say iing somehow that the people in detroit remember. the people of ohio remember. i bet on american workers and manufacturing and i do it in this because that always pays off. plaus laws. >> mitt romney also campaigned in ohio tonight where he continued to pretend that the polls are pointing his way. >> we are taking back america and it is coming soon. >> but he is not taking it back. >> in nevada president obama leads by 50 points and mit romney is not taking opcolorado. >> new pp robopolling, shows in wisconsin the president leads. in north carolina, president obama and miz are tie at 48%. tonight ed silver as the 48-year-old storm. so, crystal ball, the romney thing doesn't apply to the sing states where he needs it to apply. well,ing it doesn't apply in the national polls either. out of those polls the one th
. >> item 10 b, request authorization to enter into an agreement with the united states navy for the navy to provide services to the port to prepare dry dock no. 1 for demolition and disposal. >> i'm here before you to ask your approval of the resolution, which would authorize executive director moyer to enter into a memorandum of understanding between united states navy and the port to allow the navy to execute the first phase of the dry dock disposal project. so, first, very brief bit of history on the dry dock. it was constructed in 1942 for the world war ii shipbuilding and ship prepare effort. it was in use for over 50 years, finally due to excessive wear and tear declared unfit for service in 1999. as a bit of visual history, the photo in the background was taken shortly after in 2003 when the dry dock broke loose of its moorings and landed on treasure island. the picture you see there is dry dock number 1 inside of dry dock number 2, being lifted out of the water to be serviced. >> can you talk [speaker not understood], this is how far. >> where is it located now? >> yes. >> it has
makes the way toward the united states >> already the storm is being blamed for 11 deaths. >> sandy's early morning came as it slashed the caribbean. violent winds and rain, q but taking the most vicious hit. and now it turns its attention toward the east coast. >> models show at san the brush in the mid atlantic through the weekend and ultimately targeting the east coast early next week. the current forecast holds, new york could take a direct hit. >> we opened the situation room already. and the nyc still storm plan was activated early this morning. >> early signs already showing up along the beaches in florida, thick clouds. and a growing certification. >> it is devastatingly be a double. >> and extremely dangerous. >> every year we have something happen or someone gets out and gets injured or killed because they went out and the ocean when it is like this or worse. >> during the worst, preparations have already started. and americans the operation teams in the area during up for a possible strike from sandy. >> coronation and preparation. >> residents stocking up on essentials.
that are in there but the full faith and credit of the united states of america is riding on our showing some responsibility fiscally, there is absolutely no question that is something we support, you taking, he did that, and they walked away. >> rose: they came to the president, the president went back to bain and said we have to have more revenue after the deal had been struck. now that is what woodward says, that is what -- >> daily wha what happens in the room -- you ask bill -- i wish we could call him on the phone, could we have a lifeline. >> rose: you could probably call him. >> and say what happened in the room when the president said there are no more cuts -- revenues and we said, absolutely, we have to go, $4 trillion in deficit reduction at a time when the full faith and credit of the united states of america is in question. i don't know, i never had a conversation about bob woodward but i was in the room. >> rose: have you talk to bob woodward. >> you never talked to bob woodward about this book, you never talked to him about this book? >> about what happened -- >> i didn't read the book, i don
in the united states are women, and -- so they're paying out of pocket as they go along, they don't have enough money to set aside for their retirement. they are very reliant on social security and certainly medicare. they don't have $6,000 a year extra that it will cost if romney and ryan get their hands on medicare. and by the way, if romney and ryan get their hands on medicaid, half of medicaid dollars go to support nursing homes in this country. thousands of -- >> and a lot of people impoverished themselves to get their parents into these homes. there's no long-term care under medicare, only medicaid. why are you smiling? >> mitt romney doesn't know where he stands on the lilly ledbetter act on fair pay. >> i'll get back to you on that one. alex wagner, thank you. for laughing at just the right time. and terry o'neill. >>> the surge, what surge? we said it yesterday, romney gained after the first debate, but the idea of a relentless romney surge isn't supported by the numbers. we have the numbers to prove it. >>> and here comes the cavalry. bubba is riding in to save the day. he already has
's gone on economically in the united states in the past four wears is a product of administration policies which will change if that administration gets change. >> part of what governor romney had to say regarding gdp, slow economic growth means slow job growth and declining take home pay. this is what four years of president obama's policy has produced. americans are ready for change. what do you make of that? mitt romney says he's the agent of change. the president says the policies that are being outlined by republicans not change it's just bush. >> yeah. i think governor romney's political strategy is failing. it's failing in the key states that he has to win and here's why. for the first time really in years americans perception of is this year better than last year has gone up. and mitt romney wants to paint a picture of gloom and doom like you heard my republican colleague try to paint and the problem is you have governor kasich, republican governor in ohio saying ohio is back, ohio has recovered. at the same time ohio voters are hearing that message they are hearing mitt r
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